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What is wrong with this picture

Group riding or riding in a “Pack” is very cool to see but what do can you see when you analyze the picture of a group riding Tail of the Dragon? From experience, I can tell you that when another vehicle is coming head-on, there is a split second where the decision you make can make you or break you, literally!

Personally, I always expect a big semi or RV coming around a blind corner since we are talking about Deals Gap. By the time you see the vehicle, if you are in the proper lane, position and speed, you will be able to enjoy that memory! If you happen to be either going too fast (above speed limit), too close (as shown in the picture), or crossing the yellow line, you might find yourself in a lot of trouble. Avoid it.

Remember, you can find joy in riding if you follow riding rules, practice safe distance, proper equipment, proper lane positioning and most of all, proper technique!

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Learn the techniques…on a bicycle!

If it has one wheel in the front and one wheel in the back then it has the same dynamics! Some riders might be afraid to drop their motorcycles while learning the techniques so if you have a bicycle, you can get a feel for the technique….

In the original post titled “Afraid to lean your motorcycle? Try this tool” (06/23/2019) by Jerry “The Motorman” Palladino, he states that, “Since a motorcycle turns by leaning, you must get over your fear of leaning. The easiest way to get over that fear, is to practice leaning on a bicycle.